Work Packages


Project management and Coordination

This WP is mostly dealing with the project management and monitoring of the activities realized. It is coordinated by the Project Management Committee which consists of representatives of all partners. The main target of the PMC is the successful project implementation and the achievement of its goals, according to the pre-defined time schedule and quality plan.


Communication and Dissemination

This WP includes actions aiming to make public aware about the objectives of the project , the achievements and benefits gained at local, national and international level, promote and diffuse the projects' results to institutions, agencies, groups, individuals and all interested parties, enhance citizens’ attitude towards social entrepreneurship of disabled people and acknowledge the role and support provided by the EU Funds.


Livestock entrepreneurship and animal welfare

This WP is aiming to assess the spatial distribution of production diseases and the impacts on SMS’s competitiveness and includes common protocols applied in both countries aiming to describe the entrepreneurship profiles of animal husbandry in GR and Al, to assess the importance of production-limiting diseases in Gr and Al and map their spatial distribution as well as their impacts on competitiveness. Maps of the spatial distribution of diseases and the impacts on competitiveness will be used as guides for the decision makers of SMEs and the development of local policies.


Vet-tools of Competitiveness

This WP consists of actions aiming to increase the competitiveness of livestock farming SME’s through vet-tools of effective pathogens control, provide decision making models of green animal health care and smart vet programmes for increased livestock health and productivity. On site demonstration of programmes and SMEs support in selected farms of GR and Al, socioeconomic evaluation and documentation of vet-tools effectiveness and certification standard of smart livestock health care will provide added value to the SMEs of the eligible area.


Boosting Livestock Competetiveness

This WP includes operational training of veterinarians and farmers on livestock smart health care and entrepreneurial capacity building. It aims to trigger mobilization of a transnational cluster of livestock health care and farming innovation, develop a one-stop-shop of livestock entrepreneurship and competitiveness, and boost the development of a cross-border network of livestock entrepreneurship. The knowhow exchange will improve livestock entrepreneurship skills and stimulate business performance, extroversion and innovation. The improvement of skills of both SMEs holders and Veterinarians will act as accelerators of knowledge and good practices and the development of regional policy roadmap will support livestock entrepreneurship and agro-innovation on a sort and long term, promoting sustainable animal health care and husbandry in rural development strategies and policies of Gr and Al.